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  • Chubbsafes’ Office cabinets allow essential documents to be protected against the effects of fire and from theft.
  • Fire – resistant document protection
  • Certified by both SP (NT 017) for 120 minutes fire resistance.
  • Cabinet walls comprise an inner and outer steel shelf containing a specially formulated fire resistant solid barrier material.
  • Models are secured by a user-friendly programmable electronic lock.
  • Chubbsafes’ Office Cabinets are designed with larger organisations in mind where the volumes of critical paper work are higher.
  • The electronic lock can have two user codes programmed into which can be easily changed by the owner whenever the need arises. Should battery power be lost, replacement batteries are easily changed and are housed externally in the lock keypad itself.
  • Self-locking closure. Simply close the door and the cabinet locks itself!
  • All models come with internal shelves which can be set at position thanks to the internal “ladder racking” style mounting points.
  • The Office range is tested in accordance with NT Fire 017 – 120 Paper, which means that your paper documents are protected from fire for two hours. Thanks to its insulated walls, the internal temperature of the cabinet will not rise above 177°C.
ModelSeriaSize HxWxD (mm)Internal sizeVolume (L)Weight (kg)Shelves
1Office 115795 x 580 x 510638 x 426 x 346941601
2Office 125995 x 590 x 510833 x 426 x 3461232102
3Office 2251175 x 650 x 6351012 x 483 x 4632262952
4Office 3001285 x 745 x 6351123 x 578 x 4633013402
5Office 3851615 x 745 x 6351438 x 578 x 4633853903
6Office 4501615 x 840 x 6351438 x 673 x 4634484703
7Office 7851695 x 1206 x 6541536 x 1047 x 4877836703