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Access control for hotels


The integrated access control system consists of fixed and mobile devices managed through the common application SmartHotel. It allows single-point access control for hotel rooms, guest / hotel staff facilities, a parking area, a lift and an entrance door. The access control for hotels offered by Hartmann Tresore means more convenience for you and more security for your guests. It is based on touchless proximity cards of unique configuration.



  • the set includes proximity locks with cards, a programmer, an auditing device, a power switch compatible solely with cards for locks, software, an external scanner and lift and parking area access scanners
  • lock with a steel structure, highly resilient to mecha nical damage
  • lock surface covered with an anticorrosive layer
  • a 5-latch lock, resistant to break-ins, fitted with an alarm
  • lock color: silver or gold
  • a complete and autonomous lock system
  • EI30 and EI45 fire resistance certificates from the Building Research Institute (Instytut Techniki Budowlanej)
  • powered by AA batteries
  • a low battery level alarm
  • lock memory: up to 414 previous operations, inclu ding emergency key use
  • the option of emergency key opening
  • useful features in the lock programmer and auditing device with embedded clock and date counter, inclu ding a list of recent operations and a check of basic data stored in a lock
  • USB connectivity between the lock system and a PC energy savings through the use of an intelligent power switch
  • a user-friendly hotel management system software, with control of doors and cards locks programmable both with the auditting device and with cards alone