Primor 3000



131,00 € ( VAT excl. )

  • EN 1300 B VdS Class 2
  • Locking and opening by motor-driven bolt movement
  • Spring-loaded bolt jumps into locking position when boltwork is being closed. Crush load protection by spring-loaded bolt, hence no boltwork position switch is needed.
  • The electronic lock is completed by a key lock. Therefore an opening is possible in case of an emergency
  • Suited for input units - Primor RO, Primor FL, Primor FS

Model 1 2
Functions Level 5 Level 15
User codes 1 9
Master codes 1 1
Instant opening code
Operation blocking
Manipulation blocking
Time delay (1-99 min)
Opening window (1-19 min)
Silent alarm *
External release/blocking *
Audit - events without time and date ** 100
Battery control
* = in combination with extension box PrimorSignal
** = in combination with audit-set



Technical characteristics Primor 3000
Lock case/bolt  galvanised steel
Lock - mounting position  right-hand/left-hand/up/down
Fixing points  standard
Bolt/bolt movement  square bolt, spring-loaded/motor-driven
Bolt force (N)  1
Bolt stroke (mm)  12
Power supply  1 x 9 V block battery
Options & accessories Primor 3000
Input units  Primor RO/FL/FS
Spring-loaded square bolt with threaded holes  2 x M4
Latch bolt (no certification) 
Mechanical emergency lock system  Primor 3010
Extension box PrimorSignal 
Audit-set  software, 1 iButton, iButton reader, USB-adapter, y-adapter