PowerMate LiftGate LG-6



2 643,00 € ( VAT excl. )

PowerMate LiftGate LG-3 & LG-6


PowerMate Interior Tailgate Lift

The PowerMate LiftGate Series of machines are Interior Lift Systems similar in function to an exterior fold down lift but with distinct advantages - and at a fraction of the price!

All LiftGates are mounted inside your vehicle out of the elements and all have a swing arm that allow you to position the load inside the vehicle and saves you from having to manhandle the load.

There are two main variations of the LiftGate, the LG-3 and LG-6. Both versions can be equipped with left or right hand mounting configuration and with two different lifting capacities, however the LG-6 has 12 inches more lifting height than the LG-3.

The PowerMate LiftGate LG-3 interior tailgate lift is a unique solution for full size vans and Sprinter vans and has a lifting height of 28".

The LG-6 has a 40" lift and is the ideal solution for Cube Vans or Box Vans. Either Liftgate can be ordered with a 250 or 500 lbs capacity (the 250 lbs capacity LG's are slightly faster than the 500 lbs versions).




  1. Price, the liftgate is a fraction of the cost of an exterior fold out tailgate lift.
  2. Durability, the LiftGate is mounted INSIDE your vehicle out of the elements and is not prone to corrosion.
  3. Reduces property and product damage by keeping the load under control during the move.
  4. Contributes to your image of professionalism.
  5. Abilty to mount LiftGate in the Side Door of your vehicle.
  6. LiftGates can be installed in your fleet vehicle at the time of purchase which allows the LiftGate to be financed as an operating expense instead of a capital expense.
  7. The LiftGate Swing Arm can be used to position loads inside your vehicle! No more man-handling cylinders or other heavy loads while bent over inside your van!
  8. Right and left hand mounts are availalble. Installation can be completed, usually within 24 hours and for under $500 meaning very little down time for your vehicle!
  9. LiftGates can be outfitted with a cylinder attachment or hot water heater attachment!
  10. LiftGates draw power directly from your vehicle's 12 volt electrical system.
  11. Backed by the manufacturer! We not only provide stair climbers and LiftGates but also complete moving solutions including superior customer service and training.
  12. Our 1-800 number along with our load moving guidelines are prominently displayed on your PowerMate. Our customer service personnel are always happy to help with on-site support.




  • Heavy Duty Steel & Aluminum Frame
  • Articulated Arm Movement for Flexible positioning
  • Fully Automatic Braking System
  • Super Efficient Ball Screw Drive
  • End Stop Override Clutch
  • Rocker Switch (Up/Down) Operation
  • Gear Reduction Motor
  • Operates Using 12 Volt Vehicle Electrical System
  • Adjustable Strapbar And Cradle Attachment
  • Load Protective Felt
  • Heavy Duty Toe Plate
  • Overall Weight 216 lbs. (98 Kgs)
  • 40" Lifting Height