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By using the Rekster.eu web shop, you accept in addition to these Sales Agreement Clauses also Rekster.eu Webpage Terms and Conditions of Use and Rekster.eu Webpage Privacy Statement and agree to act accordingly.
Sales Agreement Clauses are terms of a legal agreement between you and Rekster OÜ. In case you choose an item from Rekster.eu Webshop and the purchase price of that item has been transferred or a credit card transaction has been concluded in favour of Rekster OÜ, you have made an offer to Rekster OÜ to conclude a contract of sale based on the data you have submitted to the Shopping Basket on the conditions provided herein.

By a contract of sale (hereinafter also Contract) Rekster OÜ undertakes to deliver the purchased item and to allow the transfer of ownership. You undertake to pay the purchase price for goods to Rekster OÜ not including delivery cost. Delivery cost not include in price for the goods in Rekster .eu Wenshop. Price for Delivery is separate price from price for the goods in Rekster.eu Webshop.
Contract  concluded with Rekster OÜ in English. Rekster.eu Webshop does not allow sales agreements to be concluded with persons younger than 18 years old.
Contract of sale has been concluded on conditions provided herein after your offer (adding item from Rekster.eu Webshop to Shopping Basket and making payment either via wire transfer or via credit card payment and receipt of the purchase price by Rekster OÜ) has been accepted by Rekster OÜ by sending you confirmation of order via email. All offers made are processed, and if accepted and items available, and replied with confirmations of orders within two working days. Contract enters into force by sending the confirmation of order by Rekster OÜ to you.
In case you make a mistake in adding items to Shopping Basket you may correct them by amending the content of Shopping Basket prior to making the offer. After payment has been received (making the offer) you may no longer correct the mistakes you made.
Contract may be concluded only by the person who is making the purchase, i.e. payment has to be made from the bank account or credit card of the buyer. This rule helps to reduce possibilities of abuse of your rights and taking obligations to you that you do not intended.
 Rekster OÜ shall execute order of the consumer not later than within up to four months (depends of the quantity and type of products)  as  of issuing the acceptance (confirmation of order) to you. All delivery times is negotiated individually. If Rekster OÜ is unable to execute an order, Rekster OÜ will send a notice to the consumer and shall refund all amounts paid by the consumer immediately but not later than within thirty days.
All rules, terms and conditions and clauses are available (incl. for printing or saving) electronically from rekster.eu
Additional information regarding your order is available via e-mail info@rekster.eu.

You can purchase goods from Rekster.eu Webshop that have a price indicated, and  you can receive goods after order confirmation between 2 weeks and 5 months depending on the location, bulkiness and quantitity ordered among other factors.

Warranty against defects is a promise made by Rekster OÜ to replace or repair a purchased item without a charge. Warranty period begins to run as of the delivery of the item(s) to you or to the person you mentioned upon the conclusion of contract, i.e as of receipt of possession by that person.
Warranty against defects gives you the right to demand free of charge repair of a purchased item or in case the repairs are not possible or they do not succeed replacement of the item during the warranty period. Rekster OÜ repairs or replaces only items with defects if such defects have not incurred because of misuse and they are the responsibility of manufacturer or the producer of that item. New warranty with the same duration as the original warranty will be granted for things replaced during the warranty period. In case repairs during the warranty period, the warranty is automatically extended by the length of the period of repair.
 Rekster OÜ grants the warranty against defects. To use the rights coming from warranty against defects please contact Rekster OÜ  client support info@rekster.eu . Warranty period is 6 months depends on the ammount and type of goods and it applies to all items purchased from Rekster.eu Webshop. In addition to the rights arising from the warranty, the consumer has other rights arising from law.

Purchase price is the price indicated in Rekster.eu Webshop in the Shopping Basket near the respective item including all local duties and taxes that is agreed by the parties when you make the payment and Rekster OÜ sends confirmation of order. The indicated price is valid until amendments by Rekster OÜ or until item is out of stock. Official purchase price is indicated in Euro . In case you make the payment in other currency, Rekster OÜ has to receive amount that is equal to the amount indicated after converting procedures. All costs related to the payment are covered by you. Purchase price does not include delivery costs that are calculated based on the price list of the respective service provider and are shown in the Shopping Basket as a separate article. In case you or the beneficiary has to pay taxes or levies or duties or any other additional payments related to the delivery in country of delivery, these are your costs and obligations.
Methods of payment currently available are bank wire transfer through internet banking services and credit card payments with VISA, MASTERCARD, and through Paypall system. After an order has been placed, the client is automatically directed to the payment page of Maksekeskus interface, where he shall insert his card data. Maksekeskus interface authorises the transaction at the bank . After entering the card number, security code and expiry date, the payment is authorised by the client`s bank. When the system requests the card data, the SSL, MasterCard SecureCode, Verified by Visa will be used, ensuring that the exchanged information cannot be copied or altered by unauthorised persons.
Rekster OÜ shall deliver purchased items using various currier companies or mail service providers that are indicated in the sale process. Goods are handed over based on the identification document against signature of the client or the person indicated by the client in the offer.

In the event of consumer sale, Rekster OÜ is liable for any lack of conformity of goods which becomes apparent within 2 years as of the date of delivery of it to you or to the person specified by you. In the event of consumer sale, it is presumed that any lack of conformity which becomes apparent within 6 months as of the date of delivery of a thing to you or the beneficiary already existed before the delivery of the thing, unless such presumption is contrary to the nature of the thing or the deficiency.
In the event of consumer sale you have to notify Rekster OÜ of any lack of conformity of goods within 2 months of the moment you became aware of the lack of conformity.
In any case Rekster OÜ is not liable of your damages that are bigger than the amount that you paid for the goods that relate to your possible claim. Rekster OÜ is not responsible of any breach of contract in case of force majeure. Rekster OÜ is not liable of defects that have incurred due to misuse, lack of proper care, normal tear and wear or damaging.

A consumer may withdraw from contract of sale within 14 days. The term shall commence as of the day on which the consumer or the person whom the consumer has asked the goods to be delivered receives the goods. Digitally signed notice of withdrawal has to be sent to Rekster OÜ via email info@rekster.eu This notice has to include a list of items returned and the number of the confirmation of order.
If the consumer withdraws from the contract, the sums paid by the consumer (except the cost of delivery) shall be refunded to him or her immediately but not later than within 6 month as of the receipt of the notice of withdrawal has been received by Rekster OÜ in case the returned item(s) reach Rekster OÜ before that.
Returned items are not accepted if the items are used. The returned items have to be in the original packaging. In case the item has been purchased during campaign where this item was sold together with some other item(s) you have to return all items in the campaign offer in case of withdrawal.

Questions related to personal data that Rekster OÜ collects and has collected through Rekster.eu webpage Webshop are regulated by Rekster.eu Privacy Statement that forms part of the contract of sale.
By using the Rekster.eu webpage  Webshop all during concluding contract of sale you confirm and give voluntary consent to Rekster OÜ for the purposes provided in Rekster.eu Webpage Privacy Statement to process (incl. collect, record, save, store and analyse) and collect the data specified therein. Consent to process data may be withdrawn by you at any time. Upon withdrawal Rekster OÜ deletes data collected about you.

Images of paintings, but also all photos, graphics, texts, sounds, animations, videos, design and layout of the webpage and other intellectual property on rekster.eu is protected under the laws of Estonia and EU bilateral or international conventions and treaties.
Questions related to intellectual property rights are regulated in detail in Rekster.eu Webpage Terms And Conditions Of Use which clauses are terms of a legal agreement between you and Rekster OÜ.

 Rekster OÜ reserves the right to update the Sales Agreement Clauses or any other document applicable to the contract at any time without notice to you.

All contracts concluded through Rekster.eu and all legal questions, claims and disputes are governed and will be interpreted in accordance with Estonian law as the dispute would be between two Estonian entities without any agreement on applicable law.
In case negotiations fail Tallinn County Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any claim or dispute which might arise out of or in connection with contract of sale.