Infrared heaters

Infrared heaters also called infrared panels, convert electrical energy in a wave

of heat that is emitted steadily in the room and directly heats people, furniture

and other objects in the room. This let to experience a much more pleasant warmth

and the heating comfort is felt at a lower temperature than conventional heating.

Our modern solution enables an intelligent control – users can precisely adjust

the temperature in the room accordingly to individual preferences.

Principle of operation

Traditional heating systems: oil, gas or electric generate heat mainly in the

form of convection through heated, hot air in the room and put the air

in motion. Warm air soars, cools and falls down and again soars due to the

heating. There is big temperature difference between the floor and ceiling

and the temperature at the floor is much lower than at the ceiling what is

called the phenomenon of ‚cold’ feet, which is bad for our comfort, feeling

of warmth, moreover, the air is dry and badly affects our mood. Particles

of dust, pollen and germs are moving with circulating air.

In the WAVEnergy infrared heating system elements in the room are directly

heated and the air heats up steadily. In this way there is no air circulation

and temperature difference on floor and the ceiling. The temperature of walls,

floor, ceiling, furniture and other objects in the room is almost the same as the

air temperature and the thermal comfort is felt in temperature lower by 2-3

degrees Celsius than in traditional heating.

The diagram below shows the distribution of heat in the traditional heating

systems and in WAVEnergy infrared panels

The advantages

  • low heating costs, energy-saving
  • safety
  • excellent performance and fast response time
  • healthier and more pleasant warmth
  • comfort of use
  • warranty and durability
  • timeless design
  • no emission of CO2 and soot
  • operation does not require maintenance
  • no loss when transferring thermal energy
  • simple installation
  • precise temperature control
  • WAVEnergy devices are compatible with systems using renewable energy sources
  • expert advice and comprehensive service
  • no circulation of dust and allergens in the air, a heating recommended particularly
  • for allergy sufferers and asthmatics

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