SmartCam K



122,00 € ( VAT excl. )

• Electronic locking comfort
• Modern design
• Solid metal lock case
• Turning knob functions as handle
• User guidance with audio and visual signals
• Protection against tampering
• Stand-alone solution
• Battery operation
• Extremely low energy consumption
• Secured battery compartment
• Emergency power supply from outside
• Made in Germany

All in one 1 lock - 4 operation modes

• Ideal adaption of operating mode at anytime
• Flexible modification of numbers of users, access rights and length of code
• Cost benefits in storaging, logistics and purchasing
• Reduction of follow-up costs - key management is no longer necessary
• Minimal expense of organisational changes


Operation mode K1
• For a group of entitled persons
• For simultaneous or shifted use of the same locker
• Comfort version with time delay
• Examples: deposits or shift working locker rooms

9 fixed users
1 master
1 administrator
Time delay
Locking with keystroke and by manually turning

ModelNameInstallation direction:
1SC_K1_10_00_00vertical, keypad on the top, no restriction on locking direction
2E_SC_K1_10_00_00vertical, keypad on the top, no restriction on locking direction, 6 different cams
3SC_K1_10_10_00vertical, keypad on the bottom, no restriction on locking direction
4E_SC_K1_10_10_00vertical, keypad on the bottom, no restriction on locking direction, 6 different cams
5SC_K1_10_20_00horizontal, keypad righthand, no restriction on locking direction
6E_SC_K1_10_20_00horizontal, keypad righthand, no restriction on locking direction, 6 different cams
7SC_K1_10_30_00horizontal, keypad lefthand, no restriction on locking direction
8E_SC_K1_10_30_00horizontal, keypad lefthand, no restriction on locking direction, 6 different cams


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